Who am I?

__The Person__
Hi, my name is Theresia Agustina Suwono. My friends usually call me Nana. I was born in 1990, and graduated University in 2012. I majored Animation in Multimedia Nusantara University and I am currently working for Gameloft Indonesia as Junior Game Designer.

If you wish to talk to me, we can get in touch via:
Skype | nana_agustina21,
Gmail | agustina.nana66621@gmail.com,
Facebook | Nana Agustina,
Twitter | @th_agustina.

__The Hobbies__
WRITING :: Why? Because it's easy and you can write anything everywhere. Especially now when you don't even need pencils or pens to write. I write all sort of stuffs: my experience, my views of any current events, movie reviews, random thoughts, short stories, and also poetries. Yes, I am a romantic and poetry is one of the most beautiful way to express your feelings. Even if it's a sad expression, with poetry you can turn it into something beautiful. Plus, not everybody can interpret it so it's some kind of secrets. :)
All of my poetries are in my blog: Inside My Tangled Mind.
WATCHING :: Why? Because it's one of many creative ways to escape realities. Also, it's a great source of ideas for my writings or designs. I love the thriller genre for both movies and TV series. Recently, I prefer TV series because in the same amount of time, I get to watch more stories than when I watch a movie. One of my dreams is to become a creative writer.
SLEEPING :: Why? Really? Do you need a reason to love sleeping?
READING :: Why? Same reason as to why I love watching. But, to be honest, I need a lot of catching up to do with my books because I spend a lot of my time watching TV series. :p For the genre, I love psychological books and fictions. My favorite authors are J.K. Rowling (because who doesn't?), Torey Hayden, Dan Brown, and John Grisham.
'PHOTOSHOPPING' :: Ever since the first time I was taught how to use it, Photoshop has been my favorite software. I have been tweaking and editing photos since the 10th grade. Of course my initial works are somewhat creepy, lame, and very 'immature'. But I think I am getting better. :)

__The Favorites__
FOOD :: noodles. BEVERAGES :: avocado juice, 7Up, pure water. COLORS :: black and grey. MUSIC :: pop, slow rock. SINGERS :: Agnes Monica, Avril Lavigne. BANDS :: Paramore, Evanescence, Westlife. BOOKS :: Angels and Demons, Harry Potter, One Child. MOVIES :: Shakespeare in Love, Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, Memento. TV SERIES :: How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, IT Crowd, Criminal Minds, Da Vinci's Demons, Modern Family. GAMES :: Breath of Fire IV, Final Fantasy VII, Contra, Bomberman, Mario Bros, Resident Evil 3. SPORTS :: Badminton.

__The Dislikes__
People with God complex, who think they are better than everybody else :: People who smokes in the public area, specifically in a food court :: Anything that disrupts my sleeping time :: Anything that disturb me while I'm watching a movie :: Nosy people :: Fake and hypocrite people :: Being lied to or having to lie.

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