Friday, July 5, 2013

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

After waiting for almost a year, finally these little yellow creatures came to see us on July 3rd, 2013. I was waiting for it so I watched it on the next day because the premiere tickets were already sold out. :(
In this sequel, we can see how Gru has changed to be a better father for his three girls. He is officially an ex-villain with an unbelievably high-tech laboratory which is now used to produce jams and jellies, the most un-evil things there is. The movie presents a story about how Gru, the now ex-villain, is asked to save the world by the Anti-Villain League (AVL) against an unknown villain who stole a dangerous virus sample from a research laboratory in Russia.

In his new mission, Gru is accompanied by an easily excited and easy going female agent named Lucy Wilde from AVL. We can easily predict the love line between Gru and Lucy since it's already shown before that Gru is in a series of dates, kind of. :) What I didn't expect was the portraying of the love line. We've seen a lot of scenes where actors are imagining his life with the actresses flash before their eyes. Despicable Me 2 has a specially unique scene by making Dave, the minion, has a crush on Lucy and therefore imagines his life with her.

In order to figure out which villain has the virus, Gru poses as a cupcake store owner in Paradise Mall. Then come Eduardo, a friendly Mexican restaurant owner. Gru thinks that Eduardo is actually a ruthless villain by the name of El Macho who was thought dead in a volcano while riding a shark. Later in the movie, we can also see a short love line between Margo, Gru's first daughter, with Antonio, Eduardo's son. Gru reports to AVL, stating that Eduardo is actually El Macho and told them to arrest him. Out of his worry as a  father, he accuses Antonio as the mastermind and get laughed at by the director of AVL. We can see that Gru actually cares for his daughters and acts as irrationally as many fathers would do when their daughter starts dating.

Surprisingly, despite the facts that this movie has more lovable minions, it lacks creativity and originality in the stories. Despicable Me 2 is somewhat disappointing. There is nothing new in the story, the characters lack many background stories, and the plot are moving way too fast between Gru, Lucy, and the girls. Its predecessor, Despicable Me, scores a lot more points in the creative story with entertaining and strong built characters. It also has perfect plot. Sadly, it seems this movie depends too much on the minions, which we can see from the many minions scenes (almost 85% of all scenes) in the movie. It's funny and certainly brings a lot of laughs for children but there's really not much for me.

The story is dull and the supporting characters lack their background stories. It really feels like I'm coming to see the minions in action. On the other hand, the minions are animated perfectly. They dance, they sing, they brings most (if not all) laughs from the audiences. It's a pretty good movie to watch with family and kids.

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