Monday, August 19, 2013

Friends - 10 Seasons in A Glory

So, I was re-watching all episodes of Friends during Eid holiday. The total 10 awesome seasons and I think to myself, "This show has successfully made me laugh every single time I watched them, even though I have already watched them over and over again." This is such a spectacular show that every sitcom after this show, took its parts to be implemented on their own*. Well, at least that's what I thought. :)

So, what made me incredibly fond of this show?
1. The story is so down to earth that it might happen to any of the audiences
I remembered watching a similar series that aired at somewhat similar time, Beverly Hills 90210. This series didn't really 'get' to me, perhaps because their world is just so different. What with the upper-class settings and lifestyle, Beverly Hills hardly make any impression on me, not even a bad one. Friends on the other hand, leave such a strong imprints in my head. I was around 14 or 15 when I first watched it, and like any normal teenager I was trying to find where I'm standing and where I'm heading to. Friends created an illusion of what my future might look like. A bunch of friends in their twenties, trying to make their way through New York, living together in an apartment, struggling to pay bills and help each other in job and love life. It was just so appealing.

2. Each of the characters have these uniquely annoying traits, but they stay together until the end
First, as the main character, there is Monica. She is organized, controlling, and acts as a mom to other characters. If Monica lives in this era, she is what you might call a person with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). She is actually really annoying with her controlling habits, but she is also reliable in some situation.
Then there is Ross, Monica's nerdy brother. He is a very nice person, handsome, neat, and smart. He is very nervous around women so it's kinda funny to see him. Ross is Monica's older brother, but somehow he was pictured to be the spoiled one in the Geller family because he was favored by his parents.
Next, there is Monica's high school best friend, Rachel. Rachel comes from a socialite family and has never live alone before. She is pictured as a selfish little princess that always got what she wanted. But because she ran off from her marriage, she decided to live with Monica and tried to make it on her own.
Chandler is Ross' best friend and roommate in college. He is an office worker, working with something to do with inputting numbers (I don't really get what he did.. :p) and he make a lot of money. He is somewhat bitter and sarcastic because of his broken family but he is funny and always makes jokes when uncomfortable.
Chandler lives with his roommate, Joey, across the hall of Monica's apartment. Joey is an American-Italian actor with not-so-great skill in acting. He is very good looking but also very dumb. Joey eats a lot, most of the food comes from Monica's apartment since he didn't get much acting jobs.
Last, there is Phoebe. Phoebe used to be Monica's roommate but they had a falling out because Monica is too controlling. Phoebe has a lot of unique characteristic and may come off as weird. She sings a lot of depressing and rather odd songs with her unique guitar skill. She used to live on the streets and therefore the toughest of everyone in the group.

3. The group dynamics are incredible
Friends really shows what a true friendship like. Although I have to say that the group is a bit dysfunctional, but these group of six is an illusion of a perfect friendship. Ross and Rachel's relationship reflects a quite traditional fairy tale. A nice and nerdy guy finally get together with the popular cheerleader girl, although there are some unusual situations like when they're sabotaging each other's relationship with other people and when they have a baby together. Chandler and Monica are a surprise. I never would have imagined these two together, but I admit they make a pretty great couple. I always thought that Phoebe would end up with Joey because as we can see they have a great chemistry. But the fact that Phoebe is finally getting married quite satisfy me as an audience. And in such a breath-taking wedding too. :)

Other than happy endings for each of the couples, the character development is also great. I think the most developed character would be Rachel, because when she comes to the group she is this spoiled little princess who can't do anything and even as a waitress, she can't get anything right. After a lot of hard works with ups and downs, she finally managed to be an executive in a fashion industry, a job that she actually  loves. Monica also successfully developed into a loving mother of two with Chandler and she also managed to be a head chef in a classy restaurant. Joey finally get his big break by starring in a WWI movie, while Phoebe finally settle down and get married to Mike. Ross get the girl of his dreams, with a daughter and a son who is raised by his ex-wife.

All in all, to me, this series is the only one that can make me sad when it's finally reached its final episode. It provides a great ending and closure to all of the audiences.

*I was born in 1990, so I haven't had the chance to watch other friendship-based series like M*A*S*H or Seinfeld

Good bye, guys. Good story. :)

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