Thursday, May 23, 2013


Life is a grand theatrical stage, and WE are the performers.
All of us. None are destined to be the audiences. We are all performers.
We perform for other performers who haven't had the chance to perform. Not yet.
Soon, they'll perform for us while we sit and wait. Waiting for the perfect time for our next performance.

The problem is, every stage has a spotlight. Shining bright to our head. Lining every inch of our body, creating a magnificent silhouette of beauty and perfection. And we LOVE the spotlight. Oh, how we are eagerly waiting for it to shine upon us. How we will sit in jealousy every time it's shining everyone else. That spotlight. The feel of being the center of everything. Every extras, every property, every little scene are revolving around us. Depend on us. Our single move will change the whole play. Oh, how we love to be recognized. To be thanked, to be worshiped.

Standing in the center of the stage, feeling the warmth of the light. Doing everything we want to do. No one to tell us no. The only thing we'll see is our only perfection. Our only decisions. Our self. Because that white light that gives us the power to play God, leaves us blind in the process. We can't see who else is out there. We can't see who are cheering when we fall or booing when we stand. We can't differ a throwing knife from a helping hand. The only thing we'll see is the light itself. Shining bright and white.

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