Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Art Of Giving

There's a story in the Bible about an old widow who gives all of her money to the church. This old widow only has 2 copper coins on her, and she put all of it away in the offerings box. Jesus then called out his disciples and stated that this widow has given more than everyone else, because she gave an offerings out of her poverty. Here's the exact quotes from Marc 12: 41-44 of World English Bible:

41 Jesus sat down opposite the treasury, and saw how the multitude cast money into the treasury. Many who were rich cast in much. 42 A poor widow came, and she cast in two small brass coins, which equal a quadrant coin. 43 He called his disciples to himself, and said to them, “Most certainly I tell you, this poor widow gave more than all those who are giving into the treasury, 44 for they all gave out of their abundance, but she, out of her poverty, gave all that she had to live on.”

Now, I'm not much of a religious person. I'm not even a religious Christian. But I went to Catholic schools and I listened to many stories in the Bible. This one is almost my favorite.  I was amazed by the sacrifices the widow did. From other version of the Bible (I forgot which), it is written that all the rich people who gave a large amount of offerings were whispering in disgrace by what the widow did because she only put 2 coppers. It happens way too often in our everyday lives. Most people think if they have given certain amount of money than that would be enough. Sure, money helps and it's good to share it to others in need. For some people who don't have anything to give, they still can give all their might, their time and their strength to help others.

To me, this particular story is engraved in my heart so that I can always give without the hope of accepting anything in return. And I'm still trying..

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