Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Historic Glory

Lawang Sewu is a historic building in Semarang. Its name came from Javanese words 'lawang', which means door and 'sewu', which means a thousand. So, roughly it translates to a thousand doors. Actually there are only approximately 88 doors, but since there are a lot of doors and windows, Javanese people call it Lawang Sewu. I had a chance a while back to visit and take some photographs. (un)Fortunately, when I came to visit, the building was under renovation (or restoration). There were some workers and some of the places were unavailable due to the work in progress.
Deep and dark hallway gives me goosebumps

The beauty in recovery

The rooms were built with train-like structure

This was a hall-like room, it hasn't been renovated yet.

Another creepy hallway

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