Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monster University (2013)

I watched 3 great movies this weekend, one of them was Monster University. Monster U is a prequel to the previous movie, Monster Inc. (2001). It tells us the life of Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan before their days as Scarers in Monster Inc. The story mainly tells about Mike's dream to become a scarer. It all started when 6 years old Mike was on a field trip to a scaring company, Monster Inc. and saw what its like to be a scarer. One of the scarer gave Mike his Monster U hat and told them that it was the greatest university with the greatest scaring program. So there will Mike go, to the Monster U.

In the movie, we can see a typical university settings. There are many clubs to join, many student with different personalities, big and wide campus, sorority houses, et cetera. The only difference being, there are no human. All of the students and faculty members are monster. These monster are creatively and uniquely design, usually combining two or more animals into one creature. One thing I find interesting and awesome are the commitment these studios show to the audiences about their movies. We have known dedicated websites built specifically for a movie. But Monster U take a bolder step to built an entire university websites for this movie. You can access to see what its like to enroll in Monster U, who are the faculty members, what majors are offered in Monster U. All little details you can find in any university websites are there. Before the movie premiere, there is a website that allow you to create your own Monster U student card with your own monster avatars. You can visit to create your monster avatar or to create your Monster U ID using your own picture.

Furthermore, the stories presented in Monster U are a combination of a typical university movie story with different endings. We have seen nerds trying to be popular, we have seen popular kid joining with nerd to be better in school, we have seen unpopular sorority house ended up popular because of these team of nerd-cool kid students. Monster U combines all of these stories to show friendship and hard work beat popularity and great descendants. The ending is perfect, because most of these movies presented the audiences with happy endings which can only happen in the movies. Monster U brings out the not-so-bad ending because it might happen in real life. This is a fantastic movie to enjoy with family and friends.

P.S. One thing I like about 3D animation movies is the stories they presented are different with other live-action movies. We we can still enjoy the whole story even without the presence of a love line between any of the characters. 3D animation movies are free to explore different stories because they already have a different and unique creatures to present.

Here's an official trailer for Monster U.

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