Monday, June 3, 2013

Fact and Fiction

I might have mentioned before in my previous post that I watch a lot of TV Series, mainly western, and I observe an interesting phenomena (if I might said so, dramatically). There are a lot of characters in TV series that we, the viewers, deeply loved. Some of them are the lead character, while others are more of a sidekick but somehow become way more lovable than the main character itself.

Recently, I realized that there are some people around me who behave similarly to these lovable characters. Do we love them in real life? My answer is no. They are either self-centered, arrogant, or just plain jackass. Either way, I found out that if these characters are presented in front of me I would probably punch them rather than love them and try to understand them like what I think I would do to the TV characters I adored.

Here are some of the characters:
Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PhD (portrayed by Jim Parsons) is one of the character in The Big Bang Theory. The series centered around the life of four physics geniuses: Leonard Hofstadter, an experimental physicist; Sheldon Cooper, a theoretical physicist; Rajesh Koothrappali, an astrophysicist,  and Howard Wolowitz, an aerospace engineer who worked in Caltech University. The main story is about Leonard who falls in love with the new neighbor, Penny, a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory. Their love story focuses on the amusing fact that Leonard, who is  super genius and nerdy, tries to date Penny, who is a high school prom queen with the fame and beauty.

Sheldon is Leonard's roommate. He has certain quirks that drive his friends crazy. He's a genius who realize his power of mind. As a result, he's self-centered, always feels he's better than everyone else, condescending, and loves himself more than anything else. His mom is a devoted Christian so their relationship is funny to watch because Sheldon is clearly an evolutionist while his mom is a creationist. Sheldon can't drive, so his friends have to take him whenever he needs. His impossibly large ego cause him to be unable to care about his friends being. Everyone has to cater to his needs. He has an annoying habit to give lectures to everyone, mainly because he feels like he knows everything. This particular habit forces his friend to follow what he wants just so he would shut up.

Barney Stinson, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris, is one of Ted Mosby's best friend in How I Met Your Mother series. He has some famous catchphrases, such as: "Suit Up!" and "Tonight is gonna be legend, wait for it, dary!"

HIMYM is a sitcom show about how the main character, Ted Mosby, met his wife. The show has a unique set up: Ted  narrates his love story to his children about how he met their mother which then played by the actors in a series of flash backs. HIMYM characters are Ted Mosby, an architect; Marshall Eriksen, a law student which later become an environmental lawyer; Lily Aldrin, a kindergarten teacher who loves art; Robin Scherbatsky, a Canadian TV reporter; and Barney Stinson, an awesome person (as he always said, because none of his friends seems to know what he did for living, even after the show reaches its 8th season).

Barney is basically a rascal. He keeps inventing elaborate acts to deceive women to sleep with him. He has all sorts of tricks that he put in The Playbook. He never listen to what anybody says. He just act as he wants, whenever he wants. He's the type of person who thinks that women are sex objects. Well, not all women, just bimbos, but still..

Gregory House, portrayed by Hugh Laurie, is a medical doctor specializes in diagnostic. He has his own team consists of 3 young doctors: dr. Allison Cameron, an Immunologist; dr. Robert Chase, a Surgeon and Intensivist; and dr. Eric Foreman, a neurologist. The story is about House, a diagnostician working with his team to diagnose patients that come with strange symptoms. The show is set up like many crime-solving series, so it's interesting to watch. House is working for a hospital in New Jersey under hospital administrator and Dean of Medicine, dr. Lisa Cuddy. His ability is off the record, he is the best in his field. However, his personality often causes him troubles among his colleagues.

House rarely talks to his patients because in his mind, everyone lies. He diagnoses patient based on their medical records and his keen insight. He is like Sherlock Holmes of medical world. His treatments are often controversial. He doesn't quite care with hospital rules and often disobey them to get what he wants. He thinks unexplained diseases are like puzzles. He has to know the answer and he doesn't care if he have to manipulate patients' families as long as he got the answer he needed. He's a genius, and his lack of social skills probably works effectively in his field. But what would you do if you meet an actual person with his personality?

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