Thursday, June 13, 2013

The (un)Fairness of Life

How many times have you said 'life is unfair'? (Probably more than you care to admit. :D) From many people I've met in my life, I learnt that everyone thinks they have the most miserable life when they have a problem. People often think that life is unfair because when they're miserable there are plenty of people who aren't. But the thing is, there's no such thing as fairness. The fairness we want, the fairness we imagine, doesn't exist. Which is why life will never be fair.

Suppose two high school students A and B. A is the usual trouble maker and a cheater while B is the usual nerds who never cheats before. One test, both of them cheat for a different reason. A cheats because he doesn't want to try harder, B cheats because he didn't have the time to study and was doing two part time jobs the night before to help his family. Both of their test got zero because they cheat. B thinks the teacher is unfair because it's the first time he cheat and not for a bad reason. A thinks if B doesn't get zero it means the teacher discriminated him because both of them cheat but he's the only one punished. What's fair for one, doesn't always fair to another.

Life is never fair, but everything has its own consequences.

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